Value and prices in Russian economic thought (1890-1920)

  • François Allisson Centre Walras-Pareto
Keywords: Francois Allisson, PhD thesis, value and prices in Russian economic thought, history of economics

Author Biography

François Allisson, Centre Walras-Pareto

François Allisson obtained his PhD in economics, with a specialization in history of economic thought from the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. He was supervised by Pascal Bridel (Centre Walras-Pareto). His dissertation was awarded the Joseph Dorfman Prize for the best dissertation on the history of economics at the History of Economics Society (HES) meeting in Vancouver in 2013. He is currently a lecturer at the Centre Walras-Pareto, Lausanne, Switzerland, and he researches on the history of Russian economic thought.

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Allisson, F. (2013). Value and prices in Russian economic thought (1890-1920). Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics, 6(2), 125-127.
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