Dialectical libertarianism: the unintended consequences of both ethics and incentives underlie mutual prosperity

  • S. M. Amadae University of Helsinki and Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Keywords: S. M. Amadae, Deirdre McCloskey, Bourgeois equality

Author Biography

S. M. Amadae, University of Helsinki and Massachusetts Institute of Technology

S. M. Amadae is a research fellow with the Academy of Finland’s Centre of Excellence in the Philosophy of Social Science in the University of Helsinki’s department of political and economic science, and a research affiliate in the Program in Science, Technology, and Society at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her research differentiates neoliberal theory from classical liberalism. The former is derived from game theory and is characterized by public choice, neoliberalism in international relations, and the new institutional economics. By contrast, the latter encompasses ethical commitment. This distinction is made clear in Prisoners of reason: game theory and neoliberal political economy (2016, Cambridge University Press). Amadae has also argued that orthodox game theory does not accommodate truthfulness in communication (“Normativity and instrumentalism is David Lewis’ convention”, History of European Ideas, 37 (3), 2011) or joint maximization within the context of evolution (“Long term viability of team reasoning”, Journal of Economic Methodology, 22 (4), 2015, co-authored with Daniel Lempert).

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