Review of Enacting Dismal Science: New Perspectives on the Performativity of Economics, edited by Ivan Boldyrev and Ekaterina Svetlova. London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2016, vii + 206 pp.

  • Pavel Kuchar National Autonomous University of Mexico

Author Biography

Pavel Kuchar, National Autonomous University of Mexico

Pavel Kuchar is an assistant professor at the School of Economics, National Autonomous University of Mexico. His research interests include the analysis of entrepreneurship and its role in the emergence of markets and the legitimation of novelty. Pavel’s work was published in the Journal of Evolutionary Economics, the European Journal of Law and Economics, Schmoller’s Jahrbuch, Cosmos+Taxis, and the Journal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy. Besides the economic-sociological analysis of entrepreneurship and institutional change, Pavel is also interested in economic and business history and the history of economics. His analysis of liberalism and its preconditions in Mexico was published in Econ Journal Watch.

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