The Measurement of Wellbeing in Economics

Philosophical Explorations

  • Willem van der Deijl
Keywords: wellbeing, economics, measurement, happiness, desire-satisfaction, capability approach

Author Biography

Willem van der Deijl

Willem van der Deijl is currently postdoctoral researcher at the Centre de Recherche en Ethique at the Université de Montreal. Before obtaining his PhD, he studied philosophy and economics at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Van der Deijl has been an editor of the Erasmus Journal for Philosophy of Economics since June 2014. His research focuses on the concept of wellbeing in the social sciences as well as its nature and its significance to questions in ethics and political philosophy. From September onwards, he will be assistant professor in Business Ethics at the Tilburg University.

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Deijl, W. van der. (2018). The Measurement of Wellbeing in Economics. Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics, 11(1), 125-129.
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