The psychological foundations of Alfred Marshall's economics: an interpretation of the relationship between his early research in psychology and his economics

  • Naoki Matsuyama Hokkaido University
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Author Biography

Naoki Matsuyama, Hokkaido University

Naoki Matsuyama obtained his PhD in economics from the Graduate School of Economics and Business Administration, at Hokkaido University (Japan), supervised by Makoto Nishibe, professor of evolutionary economics, at Hokkaido University. The thesis language was Japanese and the original title is “Marshall Keizaigaku ni okeru Shinrigakuteki Kiso-Shoki Shinrigaku Kenkyu to Keizaigaku no Renkan wo megutte?”. The author specializes in the history of economic thought and is currently assistant professor at the Graduate School of Economics, at Hokkaido University.

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